A woman’s hair is sometimes her crowning glory. It is not “JUST HAIR”. With the loss of hair due to cancer, chemotherapy, thinning hair, alopecia, female baldness, or many other reasons, it often feels as though a person is being stripped of their identity. Hair loss can be one of the most difficult and feared side effects of chemotherapy. Coping with it is so new to many people. Friends and loved ones may try to support them with well meaning statements, but your feelings are valid and you will want to feel good about yourself. And at this time, love of self is very important. Coping tips that will help — watching your hair fall out can be very traumatic. Cutting your hair short may help you feel more in control and avoid some of the difficult emotions. Be prepared by having an assortment of headwear on hand, such as sleep caps, pretty scarves that are now made in beautiful materials, plain or dressy, with beading and sparkles adorning them, and comfortable turbans. Your wig consultant can suggest these and other options to you. Accessorize your image from the neck up, being a bit bold and creative. Hats, earrings, and a necklace can add sparkle and shine to your face. It is your time to seek out whatever it is that may bring you peace and joy at this time. Most important, surround yourself with loved ones and let others care for you.

Many women choose a wig with a style and color close to their natural hair. Some still experiment with a new look. With each case, the easier and more convenient your style is, the better off you will be. Some find it convenient to have two wigs. That way, you can wash one while wearing the other, giving yourself flexibility and reliability of always having one ready to wear at a moment’s notice. That also helps maintain the freshness and beauty of the wig.

There are many reasons for purchasing a wig, such as convenience for busy people, damaged or thinning hair. Also, for the opportunity of quick changes in hair styles or hair color. Wigs now come in many, many colors and blends. They are comfortable and easy to care for. Every company offers a line of lace-front styles and some with monofilament mesh tops.