Can people tell I’m wearing a wig?

Today, wigs are almost indistinguishable from a natural head of hair. Hand-tied baby hair or inside “hidden” wefting along the front gives a realistic hairline. Today’s synthetic fibers are much thinner than they used to be, and thus avoid a bulky, “wiggy” look. They are also as soft and pliable as real hair for a gentle “move-as-you-move” action. In some ways, synthetic wigs are easier to handle than natural hair because wig fibers keep the style and shape intact day after day. Many styles have open ear tabs, which make it easy to wear glasses.

Isn’t a wig uncomfortable?

Years ago, wigs were made with caps which were definitely hot and sticky. Today with the invention of the Capless wigs, lengths of fibers or wefts are sewn to cotton or lace stretch bands, which shape to the head yet, allow plenty of air to circulate.

What if my wig comes off?

A wig that fits your head is essential to security. A proper fit prevents slippage. Look for Velcro adjustments

What color should I choose?

Choose a color that is as close as possible to your natural color. If hairloss is a possibility in the future, save a swatch of your own hair for a match. You can always go a shade lighter than your own hair, but avoid going darker.

What style should I choose?

Choose a style most similar to the one you usually wear, a style that suits your personality and life style. If you prefer to be adventurous, you may want to use this time to experiment with that new curly (or straight) look you always wanted.

Aren’t wigs expensive?

The belief that all wigs are expensive is simply untrue. Wigs, like any piece of apparel, vary in priced depending on the materials and craftsmanship.┬áSome insurance companies will allow you to claim your wig. Ask your doctor to write a prescription for “hair prosthesis” and ask your wig professional to state the same in the sales receipt. You may want to do this at tax time as well.

Will I have to sit out in public when I try on a wig?

Our experienced wig consultants are sensitive to your needs and will do everything they can to show you an area where you will have privacy. In addition, they can help you select a style and color that’s right for you, demonstrate how to put on a wig and instruct you in easy wig care methods. One last reminder, be sure to let your wig consultant know why you are looking for a wig, so that she can direct you to a dressing room or private area when the need arises.
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